Optometrist & Optician services



     - Eye & Sight test.

     - Squint (Strabismus), amblyopia (lazy eye) and other binocular diseases.

     - Detection and treatment of disorders of ocular motility related or not to alterations of learning.

     - Eye health exams & optometric explorations.

     - Geriatric optometry.

     - Contact lenses:

               • Disposable contact lenses, daily, monthly, etc.

               • Presbiopya contact lenses, bifocal & varifocal contact lenses.

               • Astigamtism contact lenses.

               • Myopia (Short Sightedness) therapy contact lenses.

               • Cosmetic contact lenses.

               • Therapeutical lenses (corneal alterations).

               • Keratoconus contact lenses.

     - Visual fields evaluation.

     - Low vision.

     - Eye pressure test.

     - Optometric report & Ophthalmologist report by telemedicine.

Ophthalmic lenses lab


     - Ophthalmic lenses curve calculation.

     - Ophthalmic lenses centering.

     - Ophthalmic lenses computer edgeing.

     - Ophthalmic lenses mounting.

Professional and individual advice


     - We help you to choose the right frames.

     - We help you to choose the proper ophthalmic lenses.

     - We help you to choose the best contact lenses for you.

     - We help you to choose the right cleaning solution for your contact lenses.

     - We help you to choose the proper low vision aid.